UK Celebrity Chefs

Never has cooking been as glam and popular as it is these days – and with celebrity chefs such as the ‘Naked Chef’ and ‘Domestic Goddess’ showing the rest of us how it’s done, it’s no wonder that the kitchen is so hot right now.

Here is where you’ll be able to find out all about the following famous UK chefs:

Cooking Craze

The cooking craze that has taken the world by storm only started making waves from the 1990s. In this era, cooking programmes and cook books became much more popular, and chefs started to earn reputations for their personalities as well as their dishes.

There are three types of celebrity chefs:

  • TV Chefs. These chefs are well-known for their cooking shows, which are either screened on specialist food channels, or mainstream TV channels.
  • Writer Chefs. Many TV cooks also have cook books, or becoming best-selling authors of cook books.
  • Radio Chefs. These chefs have guest slots on radio lifestyle or food shows.

Some critics feel that celebrity chefs have sold out their profession to the media for fame, and think that being a traditional ‘not seen or heard’ chef is superior to fame.

This view is far outweighed by the overwhelming public response to celebrity chefs however, and many of these famous kitchen whizzes have used their fame to not just help the average person improve their cooking skills, but also help disadvantaged communities too.

Some examples of community projects by celeb cooks include the following:

  • Top celebrity chefs, including Gordon Ramsay, donated recipes to a cook book produced by BUPA to raise funds for cancer charities.
  • Jamie Oliver has been credited with getting the UK government to increase funding for school meals.
  • Jamie has also been running a chef training school for the underprivileged, known as Fifteen – the number of students he admits each year.

Ever wished that you have the know-how to become a dab hand in the kitchen, just like your favourite celebrity chefs on the telly?

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