Ali Benson-Smith

Ali Benson-Smith is a ‘Jill’ of all trades – from cooking to presenting and decorating, this bubbly blonde is as successful as she is talented.

About Ali Benson-Smith

To really know about Ali Benson-Smith and what makes her so special, you need to know that she does things a bit differently.

Here are a few things that make Ali a special type of chef:

  • She is present to greet guests at front of house in the hotels and restaurants she cooks at.
  • She has worked with Walkers Sensations Crisps on research and development as a Range Designer Assistant.
  • She has worked her way into the hospitality industry right from college, and continues to grow her skills.

Celebrity Chef Couple

Ali Benson-Smith is one half of a celebrity chef couple, her husband being John Benson-Smith.

This power pair has teamed up on a number of occasions to bring their combined skills to the party.

Husband John is a famous celebrity chef in his own right, and has been involved in numerous successful ventures, both with his wife and on his own.

Here are some of the endorsements that John has done:

  • Neff Kitchen Appliances
  • Manchester City Football Club
  • Brake Brothers Foods
  • Nestle
  • Wedgwood

Hazlewood Castle

Hazlewood Castle is the brainchild of John and Ali Benson-Smith.

This magnificent castle is based in Leeds, and is built on seven acres of landscaped ground. A former monastery, Hazlewood was transformed into a prestigious venue.

Facilities at Hazlewood Castle include the following:

  • Dining. With not one, but two, celebrity chefs in the kitchen, the dining is bound to be sublime.
  • Meetings and conferences. Guests are able to use the castle for business purposes to add a touch of class.
  • Weddings and parties. Any event is hosted in elegance with such magnificent settings and food.
  • Accommodation. Young couples on weekend getaways, families on holiday, tourists visiting from afar, all fall for this castle’s charms.
  • Master Class cookery school. John shares some of his secrets in this amazing cooking school.

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