Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver (Getty Images)
From the small towns in the English countryside to the big cities of New York, and all the way down to parts of Africa, Jamie Oliver is probably one of the most well-known celebrity chefs.

About Jamie Oliver

While everyone knows who he is and what he does, not everyone knows much more about Jamie Oliver than the basics.

Here are some facts you may not have known about Jamie Oliver:

  • He started cooking and helping in the kitchen at age eight in his parent’s pub in Essex.
  • He studied catering at Westminster Kingsway College in London, when he met his wife, Jools.
  • He had his first job at the Neal Street Restaurant under Antonio Carluccio, and then moved to the River CafĂ© under Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers. This was where Jamie Oliver was spotted by a TV producer, and a star was born!

The Naked Chef

‘The Naked Chef’ was Jamie Oliver’s first cooking TV show, and did not, as the name implied feature any nakedness, but focused on Jamie cooking unfussy, hearty dishes for his friends around London.

The show became hugely popular, and the book of the same name that followed was a best-seller.

The second season of the show, ‘Return Of The Naked Chef’, was even more successful, and included glimpses into his life with soon-to-be-wife, Jools. The book that followed was another best-seller, prompting a third hit, ‘Happy Days With The Naked Chef’.

In addition to winning the hearts of the nation with his unique blend of humour, good cooking and fun, Jamie Oliver also had a few community projects on the go:

  • Jamie’s School Dinners. Jamie Oliver has been applauded for getting the government to fund school lunches in schools throughout the country, ensuring that all children have a decent meal.
  • Fifteen. In 2002, Jamie Oliver took 15 underprivileged youngsters and trained them in his special restaurant school, Fifteen. This project continues every year, and has given many young people a chance for a better life.

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