Martin Blunos

Martin Blunos has been hailed one of the greatest living chefs in the UK. This enigmatic kitchen master has kept his two Michelin stars for an amazing 15 years.

About Martin Blunos

  • His parents came to England from Latvia shortly after the Second World War.
  • Once his parents had settled into the country, Martin Blunos was born and bought up near Bath.
  • Martin Blunos studied catering in Cheltenham, going on to work with his peers to gain experience.
  • His first Michelin winning kitchen was Restaurant Lettonie in Bristol.
  • He then opened a far larger hotel-like version of Lettonie in Bath.

Russian Influence

Martin Blunos’ heritage has played an important part in his influences. His inspiration has a strong Russian influence, which helps him keep the ancestral ties.

Here are a few examples:

  • His award-winning restaurant, Lettonie, means ‘Latvia’ in French.
  • His cooking is inspired by the wholesome, simple meals made in Russia and surrounds.
  • His is also strongly inspired by the sense of community and family in these areas.

Nationwide Recognition

This flamboyant Baltic giant has achieved nationwide recognition on television and radio shows across the UK.

These are some of Martin Blunos’ achievements to date:

  • Regular guest slots on BBC’s ‘Great Food Live’, ‘Food Uncut’ and ‘Saturday Kitchen’.
  • Chosen to cook for Her Majesty the Queen in her Jubilee year. This was then televised as a show.
  • Met Prime Minister Tony Blair at the Foreign and Commonwealth Institute to celebrate the inclusion of Latvia into the EU.
  • Appearance on Sky TV’s ‘World’s Greatest Dishes’.
  • Given an exclusive two-part Christmas special for HTV network.

With achievements such as these and his long-standing Michelin star awards, Martin Blunos is no doubt a legend in his country.

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